How to Clean Driveway Block Paving?

How to Clean Driveway Block Paving?

As the driveway is one of the most used areas of your property, it becomes dirty with time. The block paving of the driveway is basically a bed of porous brick laid down with sand and filled with more sand in the joints. The paving is also affected by climate change and that is why it needs proper maintenance. Without proper maintenance, they will start to look very grubby, and unwanted weeds and bushes will start to grow in there.

So, cleaning the driveway block paving will help you to get rid of all the black stains, dirt, lichens, and algae that grow and accumulate in there.

Driveway Block Paving Cleaning | PS Power Washing

Jet wash cleaning and pressure washing are widely used methods of cleaning bock paving driveway. The professional cleaners use this method; however, if you want to clean your own driveway then you have to follow a few measures.

If you are looking for help regarding the best method of cleaning driveway block paving then look no further! This post will tell you everything that you need to know about it.

How do I get started?

Initially, you do not need to do any jet wash cleaning; you can start with a broom and good quality detergent. Then you can apply some weed preventives in between the joints of your block paving. Then you can try using the pressure washing method. The washer should be angled at 30° and should be sprayed diagonally. Remember not to use very high pressure. The pressure should be medium.

At last, make sure all the cleaning materials are properly rinsed away. You can re-sand all the joints of the block paving if that is required.

What can I do to remove spillage and stains?

There are different types of stains and spillages and they require a different kind of treatments. While carrying out the treatment of stains and spillages, you should start working on a small area at a time. You should strictly follow the instruction that is given by the manufacturer of the product that you are using for this purpose. If you know the source of the stain then it will be easier for you to prevent your block paving.

Driveway Block Paving

Moss, algae, rust, grease, oil, paint, and tyre marks are some examples of common stains and spillage that needs to be removed from the driveway. Jet wash cleaning and pressure washing are not the best way for stain removal.

What is the way of chemical treatment?

If you are planning to use chemical substances then you have to maintain a few safety measures. First of all, wearing safety clothes is a must. Ensure there is efficient ventilation when you are using the chemicals. Take a few extra measures for protecting the adjoining material from staining or damaging.

Another safety measure you have to take while you are diluting acid. You will always have to add acid into water and never the other way around.  Dispose all the materials that came in touch with the chemical once the driveway block paving is cleaned.

How do I treat efflorescence?

To clean the efflorescence you need to wash the area with a biodegradable citric acid-based cleaner and you might have to repeat this process depending on the density of the efflorescence. Remember not to use it on clay products and try not to use any wire brush. Efflorescence can’t be removed by jet wash cleaning or power washing.

Driveway block paving maintenance is important from the initial stage and proper maintenance of your driveway and patio will help it to stand against dirt, pollution or any kind of erosion.

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